Siran was born with the idea of ​​bringing technology closer to the client, providing solutions that manage to streamline and improve processes, thus allowing increased effectiveness and efficiency, while achieving objectives. We are two young people passionate about technology whose goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction by carrying out projects in which accompanying them with the highest level of customization, quality, detail and commitment is the premise. Those are the values ​​that identify us.


Custom web design and programming

We build your website as you imagined it. Everything can be done, from a gallery to a store.

Hosting and domain service

Your site must have the name that you want so that it looks professional and is recognizable. We take care of choosing the hosting that best suits your needs.

SEO positioning

Do you have a site with few visits? A careful study and analysis is necessary for it to be on the front pages of search engines. We do that.

other services

Mobile application development

We create a mobile solution for your needs. There are no limits. You only need an idea, we execute it.

Corporate management systems

We provide a set of programs that allow the control and management of documents and processes of your company.

Community Manager Service

We manage the networks of your organization so that you attract more public and achieve more knowledge. Stories, posts, hashtags, everything for you to grow.

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